Facts on swimming the English Channel

StatsWell, we are getting pretty excited about our project. The more we talk about it the more excited people get. People get very curious when we tell people that our goal is to traverse 10 Degrees of Latitude.

Most of the questions surround our swim of the English Channel. Here are some interesting facts that we’ve found out.

  • 21 miles from England to France, but most do a zigzag path of 26 miles.
  • 811 people have swim the English Channel since 1875. This is not a lot of people. By comparison, Mount Everest has been climbed 2049 times
  • 6 people died swimming the Channel, zero of which are Americans. I think this number is small given the cold water (see next fact). By comparison, 8 people died on Mount Everest during the 1996 tragedy
  • 10% success rate. Is that a lot or a little? You decide
  • No sharks – occasional threat of jellyfish and oil spills
  • Wetsuits frowned upon – they add too much buoyancy
  • english_channel-temp.gif
  • 59-62 degrees is the average water temp of the Channel. To be This is warmer than the springtime 52-degree San Francisco Bay water where I’ve been training. Temp map at right.
  • 13 hours is the average time to swim the channel
  • August is the most popular month to swim the Channel. Here are the percentages of successful channel crossings: 20% in July, 59% in August, 19% in September
  • 30 is the median age to swim the Channel. This is pretty cool since Adam will be 31 and I will be 30 when we swim it. I know what ya’ll are thinking — you’re probably thinking this looks a bit like a mid-life crisis thing. Well, it’s not. Because I plan to live to be 100 years old. So it is a quarter-life crisis


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  1. You know that have for many years, said I was going to live to 100. My Granddad Allred lived to 2 weeks shy of 101. He was of clear and sound mind and body until 2 days prior to his death. He preached a sermon on his 100th birthday.
    Elmer claims he is going to live to be as old as Moses, which is 120.
    I’m getting excited for you. We are getting ready to go to see Tom and Kelly and their new place. We leave on Tuesday.

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  3. Excellent job.
    No suit because too much buyancy. How about too much shrinking?
    Cheers mates,