Currently picking our pilot boat

There is a lot of sponsorship stuff going on behind the scenes that we’re excited to tell you about as soon as details get finalized.

Everything about this trek is moving in fast forward. We are in the final stages of securing our pilot boats. These are the boats that will drive next to us during the swim. Although we are not allowed to touch the boats at any time, they are there to protect and feed us. They are extremely excited to be a part of 10 degrees. For those of you who are new to the swimming world, the English Channel swim requires the services of a pilot boat. Weather and tides can be a killer, and a good pilot is crucial to navigating both. Many say that a successful swim is 25% your ability, 75% pilot’s ability.

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3 thoughts on “Currently picking our pilot boat

  1. Hey Neal. Looks great. Is that the boat you guys are going to us? Looks like a festive affair. Keep me posted.

  2. Hey guys

    Im also training for the English Channel next year and have booked Reg Brickell as my pilot. I swam the English Channel in 1987 and am going back next year for another go in aid of Breast Cancer my pilot the first time round was Dave Whyte. I am doing a training swim tomorrow in a Loch brrrrrr ! 2 miles . Anyway good luck with your training.


  3. Booking a pilot this late is usually not going to give you a first position on a neap tide. Unless you have some prior arrangement or are able to pull some strings, I’d be surprised if you can get an ideal position for 2008. Good luck with it.