Lake Swimming in October

I know what ya’ll are thinking. Brrr. You’re absolutely right. But it’s also really beautiful this time of year. The autumn colors are out (gorgeous red and brown). The lake temp is about 70, which is cold, but not terrible yet.

Like I said in my previous post about open water swimming, most of our training these days is swimming. I prefer open water swimming. Long distances are easier in lakes than in the pools, and more beautiful. Here are some nice pictures of Mauch Chunk Lake in Jim Thorpe, PA. It’s about 90 minutes north of Philadelphia and in the Pocono foothills. The swimming is getting brisk now that’s it’s almost November. For some reason I can bare it as long as I have an insulated swim cap on. Here are some pictures of our latest swim trip


And my favorite picture. A picture of Jonathan Taqqu using me as a ladder to tie the rope for our leanto shelter.


One thought on “Lake Swimming in October

  1. 70 degrees better not be cold to you. The channel will probably be close to 60 degrees +/- a couple degrees. Also, you need to do a 6-hour 60-degree qualifying swim before your channel attempt. If you fudge on this requirement, you may find out the hard way that it really is important. Also, open water training in windy, choppy conditions will prepare you for what you may encounter in the channel. Get out and train in as harsh conditions as it is safe with your training partner or a support person in a kayak or boat. Good luck.