Swimming lakes near Philadelphia

Some of you have asked me if there are nice places to swim outside near University of Pennsylvania. It turns out Philadelphia has two really nice swimming lakes. These are Mauch Chunk Lake and Marsch Lake. Here are maps to help people find them.

Quick Facts:
90 minutes N of Philadelphia (so pretty close to NYC)
Non-motorized lake, so no boat traffic
Super clear water (15 feet visibility)
Fudge factory at train station is amazing!
Mexican restaurant in town is terrible
Guitar store in Jim Thorpe has cool staff

Quick Facts:
45 minutes NW of Philadelphia
Sailboats also for rent well into November

Clear water (8 feet visibility)
There is a pool nearby that is nice, but $10/day
Lot of huge horse ranches nearby
Not far off the highway

Both Mauch and Marsh are very clear lakes without much seaweed. I gone to each lake twice in the last month, such fun! Go ahead and email me if you’d like to know the best places to start your swim. It’s possible to swim 2-5 miles in both lakes. Enjoy!

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