If You Build It, They Will Come

380.pngWe announced a while back that Interbike was a booming success for us. We wrote about all of the solid relationships that we developed during the trade show, and we haven’t really talked much about it since. Well, as amatuers in the arena of garnering support, we must tell you, these things take time. Interbike was just the kickoff of a busy season for most of the industry. The trade show was followed very closely by the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and a whole slew of stuff between then and now. Most companies are just getting around to their decision-making for the coming year. The good news for us is that we did in fact build solid relationships with many of the right people within these companies. The first road block in this process for most athletes is getting the right people to take your call. For the most part, we have crossed this hurdle.

Grass Roots Appeal: Our idea from the outset was to build a business plan around this event that would leverage our backgrounds and the unique and exciting nature of the endeavor to garner interest from multi-sport enthusiasts. Our ability to effectively reach a specific demographic in a new and interesting way was the key to opening the door with many  companies. The most common feedback has been that big sponsorship does not sell bikes/equipment. They sell equipment when the “regular athlete” sees other “regular athletes” riding their bikes or using their equipment. When they met us face-to-face, we were able to demonstrate our ability/appeal to sell their product to their target market. Companies see thousands of similar proposals each year. What set us apart to the point where they were willing to commit? We were not just another team of pro athletes, looking for a handout. We talked with them about their companies and engaged them in business conversations. We talked about how to add value to their company.

We’ve got a lot in the cooker right now, and we’re hoping to have some great news in the coming days and weeks.  We’ll keep you posted.  Now I have to get off my butt and get to the pool again to try and clear all the sludge from my muscles.

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