Stuffed Bird

fatturkey.jpgThanksgiving day…Awesome! For those of you who are reading this from outside the states, my condolences. You are missing out on one of the most gluttonous greatest holidays ever created by man. Although there are several holidays throughout the year that I truly prefer, for about 3 days in November I forget all else and focus my attention on Thanksgiving – a day dedicated to eating. Cynics may tell you that Thanksgiving is a day set aside to focus on that for which you are thankful. Truth be told, however, that even for the most devoted among us this focus is usually limited to a brief pre-dinner saying of grace. The rest of the day is turkey and football. The Thanksgiving feast was once a family-style evening meal, but in a stroke of pure genious, the meal was pushed by most Americans earlier in the day. This move optimized waking hours to allow for a second turkey-based binge that could still be justified under the same ‘holiday’ excuse. In fact, the evening left-overs now runs a close second place on my list of favorite holiday meals.

Unfortunately this red-letter turkey extravaganza has kept me out of the pool for the better part of a week. I felt like I had to roll myself into the pool yesterday morning as I tried to knock the rust off.  It wasn’t pretty, but I guess it had to be done.  I kept hoping that the slugchristmas-snow-on-scofield-road-lg.jpggish feeling would wash away, and I could get in the work-out groove.  It never happened, but hey, nothing in life is free.  I think I still have a drum stick lodged somewhere in the digestive track.  I shoulda poured on a bit more gravy to help get it through the system! I’ll keep that note in my training log so that I don’t make the same mistake next year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My wife and I love the Christmas season and can’t wait for the first snow fall.

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