Local oil spill in my training grounds = Big impact

As many of you know, I trained this past summer at the Dolphin Swim Club in the San Francisco Bay. Swimming there each morning was an amazing treat, especially since I lived just blocks away. On November 7, 2007 there was a 58,000 gallon spill. The spill came from a tanker that broad-sided the Bay Bridge. This spill will affect everyone on the Pacific coast. Within hours this local spill was killing birds and closing swim beaches hundreds of miles away.

Video 1: This video model from NOAA is based on over-flight observations. With each tide the oil from the spill is being pulled out to sea, and then pulled back into the bay.

Video 2: This second video is a photo montage of the damage done to the San Francisco Bay (aka. my former training grounds).

What is the moral of this sad story? If you can, and I realize this isn’t practical for most, but if you can, sell your car and buy a bike.

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