10 Degrees in 2008

0710040008ab.JPGNow it’s 2008 and it’s finally the year. It has always seemed so far away, but turning over the calendar brought a sharp reality.

The past couple of weeks I’ve had more free time than usual, and my goal was to use that time to put some heavy yardage under my belt. Overall I guess it was a success, and I felt pretty good about myself. That is until I read Mark Robson’s blog (see below). I punished my body a bit and I feel pretty strong coming into the final six months of training.

Now, here’s what a real athlete does during Christmas. A while ago I found this guy, Mark Robson, through some English Channel swimming avenues, but he got my attention because he has a similar background as a triathlete and is training for a 2008 Channel attempt. We’ve been chatting back and forth behind the scenes for a little while, but I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to his blog. It’s very well put together, and he’s much better at being interesting. Check it out when you get a chance.

One thought on “10 Degrees in 2008

  1. Hey
    I am flattered that you have mentioned me in this vain and the comments re the blog are cool too…many thanks
    now get in and do the 18km set from marcy!
    happy training
    just linking the blog from mine
    best wishes
    Mark n Kelly