Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Get Training!

homer.jpgIt’s been a while, and I apologize. The holidays were fantastic for me and the family. My wife, Amy and I are both from Ohio, and we got to spend a good deal of time visiting relatives out there. Amy comes from a huge family, and it’s always fun to go home and see everyone. This Christmas was a blast for our 2 year old. This is really the first year he got into the whole Christmas thing…and of course the grandparents all went overboard spoiling him. He was so upset when we came back to Philly and took the tree down. He didn’t understand why the presents and festivities had to stop. To be honest, neither did I.

The family truly wants my Channel crossing to be a success. One of my major concerns has been my ability to keep weight on as I prepare my body for the 58 degree temperatures in the English Channel. Well, they can’t get in the pool and swim for me. They can’t get on the bike and pedal for me. But they sure as heck can fatten me up! My holidays were filled with feast after feast prepared by every relative who’s ever stepped foot in a kitchen. And in between the feasts, there was plenty of Christmas baking to benefit from. My goal is to put on about 20 pounds before I get in the water, and thanks to my loved ones, I’m well on my way. Here’s to keeping that weight on in the new year!

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