Neal on NBC News – 12/27/2007

My four minutes of fame on December 27, 2008. I talk about attempting to be the first American to climb Everest and swim the English Channel. I also talked about overcoming challenges, and people making new years resolutions to incorporate life sports (like swimming) into their lives. The reporter and I had a nice rapore — apparently she’s a rising star at NBC.

2 thoughts on “Neal on NBC News – 12/27/2007

  1. And to think, I knew you when you were just a lad! Good luck on the Channel swim (do they call that a Scwhimmel, like the call the Channel Tunnel the Chunnel?).

    Jim Cole

  2. You’re 30!! That makes me feel so old! : )

    For all of the non-minnesotans out there, Kare 11 is the big time! Great interview! I loved the bit about New Years resolutions and being able to swim for the rest of your life.

    Much love,
    Beth (Neal’s lil’ sis)