Swim workout: One hundred 100s

Jan AlexanderWanted to share a lovely blog post from a woman who is training to swim the English Channel with type 1 diabetes. Her name is Jan Alexander. The post is about her annual New Years swim; she does one hundred sets of 100s. That is 6 miles of swimming (in a meter pool). I liked her story and her idea of doing 100x 100s. She designed a workout to chunk-out the workout into the following sets (parenthetical notes are my additions):

One hundred 100s Workout
10 x 100 (400 warm-up, 6x 25 IM)
5 x 200 (crawl, back, breast, back, crawl)
4 x 300 (pull)
2 x 400 (kick)
4 x 500 (crawl)
2 x 400 (kick)
4 x 300 (pull)
5 x 200 (crawl, back, breast, back, crawl)
10 x 100 (6x 25 IM, 400 cool-down)
= 10,000 meters (6.2 miles)

Adam and I will leave notes in the comments when we do this workout. Meantime, a question for the comments: What are your favorite swim workouts?

2 thoughts on “Swim workout: One hundred 100s

  1. ok some of my favorites
    depending on time due to work parenting etc I always start with 1km warm up
    ladder 1000 to 100 decreasing ie 1000,900,800,700,600 and so on to 100..5500m
    or 1000wu 10 x 200 10 x 100 20 x 50 5000m
    8 x 1000m straight start slow each set faster..last 1000 flat out, 30 secs rest between each km
    1000wu then pyramids x 10 to 200m ie 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m, 125,150,175,200,200,175,150 down to 25 in 25m increments…6000m


  2. Just stumbled onto your site…when I saw the reference to the 100x100s it brought me back years … to my high school swim team’s post-Thanksgiving “century club” workout. Goal was to pick a pace (1:20, 1:30 or 1:40), and do 100×100(yds) on that pace. Once you missed your time on just 1×100 though, you were out. Killer. And that was just yards, not meters. Maybe I’ll have to try this again sometime, definitely a good pace workout!