10 tips to liven-up your swim workout

Neal swimming in a summer lake.Training to swim the English Channel is no joke. We swim many hours every day. It’s important to keep our swimming regimen fresh. Here are some of the tips from Adam and I to keep your swim workout lively.

10 tips to liven-up your (crusty old) swim workout:

  1. Listen to music while swimming. We like the waterproof mp3 player called Swimp3.
  2. Eat a mid-swim snack. I swim harder if I have a delicious mid-swim snack. We like bananas and Gu Energy Gel.
  3. Bring toys. Is it just me or are swim hand paddles a ton of fun?! I feel like a speed racer when I use them. We like the stuff from Tyr.
  4. Count your laps. We like this simple little $24 lap counter from SportCount.
  5. Vary that workout. Here are 50 workouts to test out.
  6. Bring a friend. I swim harder and longer if Adam, Lauren or Jenn is swimming with me. Or, if you’re me you can even be so lucky as to meet your girlfriend in the pool!
  7. Join a team. I joined the Penn Masters Swim Club and is has been a lot of fun.
  8. Go outside. There are great outdoor swim places near Philadelphia. Be mindful of the water temperatures.
  9. Get a coach. Improving your technique gives you something to think about. We sought advice from the Head Coach of Penn’s Varsity Swim Team.
  10. Be held accountable. Tell your significant other and family how you plan to train. They will keep you on track. I can’t tell you how many times this has been the only thing that got me out of bed at 630AM!

Hope this helps. Have a good workout!

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