Our Roof Needs A Nice Rack

thule_large.jpgThe bike portion of our 2008 10 Degrees adventure in Europe will be supported by a logistics van. It recently occurred to us that A) we’ll need a spare bike on that van, and B) we’ll need a rack on our van for that bike and storage for spare wheels, luggage, large tubs of BodyGlide, etc. How in the world are we going to fit all that kit in that van? Enter Thule!

Thule makes roof racks and external modular storage for vehicles (they are the world’s biggest). And they’re Swedish, so you know, they make pretty stuff. Today Adam and I are driving up to Connecticut to visit Thule’s US HQ. We’re going up to ask advice on how to best equip our logistics van. We’ll let you know how those discussions go!

Ohh yah, totally wanted to share this with you. Check out this viral video created by Thule Marketing. This guy totally geeks out on Thule.

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