Springtime ocean swimming

Our athletic club swimming pool is a warm 79-degrees. The English Channel is a cold 58-degrees. That is a 20-degree difference that we will have to get used to. The human body is amazing and it can get used to anything, provided that we become acclimatized to the cold.

As part of my acclimitization I swam in the 45-degree Atlantic Ocean this weekend. You see, my two good friends Rick and Carla live smack-dab on the ocean, so my training was a great excuse to visit and spend some time with them in their home. I was the only swimmer on the beach and the fisherman thought I was bonkers. Truth be told, with the wetsuit it wasn’t all that bad. My core stayed warm and my cognition was clear (cold water sometimes prevents us humans from thinking straight). Here are some pictures of me and my good friends.


Next weekend I will try the same swims without the wetsuit — such swims have been done by our friend (Mark Robson) for several weeks. He is also training for the English Channel swim.

2 thoughts on “Springtime ocean swimming

  1. Hay thanks again for the mention

    I too have been outdoors this week as you will see from the blog, into the local lake for a dip at 48F a nice 35 minutes, more of the same next weekk or maybe Sunday, must not forget to go to the sea though, no substitute for the taste of salt water in the mouth

    bets wishes