Adding transparency to the travel industry

I just spent $2,282 for 2 coach tickets to Europe for our bike/swim/bike adventure. Dude, talk about price inflation! Buying tickets in advance is always scary, because sometimes the prices go down after you buy. When that happens there is These guys aren’t a sponsor of ours, I just think they are awesome.

Yapta monitors your flights and emails you if the prices drop.

Most airlines have clauses that entitle you to a credit if the prices fall. Bet you didn’t know that, did ya? I didn’t either. And I didn’t believe it until (in Jan 2008) I was alerted by Yapta of a price drop, which promoted me to call Usair and request my refund. Usair sent the voucher to me a few weeks later. Yapta is just one of those free internet companies that is adding transparency to the travel industry.

Try it out for yourself. I’m a fan.

  • Step1: signup for account on
  • Step2: forward your preexisting flight confirmation emails to
  • Step3: wait for email from Yapta telling you to claim your refund
  • Step4: call airline and request price drop refund
  • Step5: spend flight credit on future travel

Here’s a screenshot of my Yapta screen for this trip.


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