Century ride

My coach Mike Kuhn from Cadence Cycling told me to bike 100 miles today. So I did. I rode to and around Valley Forge (see previous post for pictures of park). During the ride I consumed 5 bottles of GU water, 5 GU packets, 1 bar and 2 pieces of pizza (kind of random right?). Even with all that I was famished so I ate a bunch of sushi after I got home. It’s been a good day!  Two pictures below are my Vetta bike computer and my head after 100 miles. I took the picture right when I got home so my heart rate (93 bpm) was still elevated.

Adam is driving cross-country to Denver on his way to his new home in Denver. He rode today too, in Ohio.


One thought on “Century ride

  1. Neal,

    I was swimming some laps to try and keep my 65 year old body loose and limber so I can keep my sex life still in the present. I met a Brigantine neighbor Rick Palatucci at the pool and we talked about your adventures. I am impressed!

    When I was youngerI was considered a local adventurer myself. I probablly have completed more than one thousand decompression dives on shipwrecks. Including 5 dives on the Andrea Doria. All with compressed air. They did not have mixed gas available to sport divers at this time. So we really didn’t have a choice. No computers either. I used the navy time tables to plan all of my dives. The Andrea Doria is often referred to as the Mount Everest of ship wrecks and thats the only reason I make the reference.

    I have not checked out your web sites thoroughly. But, I will. Soon.

    Keep the great life. Regardless of the pain and suffering. Its worth the adventure. When you get older you will probably be doing the arm chair thing. Reading about yourself is a lot more fun than reading about others. Keep going!

    My son starts Univ of Penna Vet school in September. Maybe I can buy you a beer in a University City tap room someday.

    All the best

    John Moscony, Sr