Summertime biking

Here are the first pictures of our new carbon bikes from Willier. In June these beautiful bikes will take us 1000 miles from northern Scotland to Paris. They will not be coming on our 24-mile swim of the English Channel, although Willier are almost light enough for that!

For our training here in Philadelphia these bikes have been seeing a lot more action now that the weather is sunny and warm. The river in the background is the same river that we swim.

[UPDATE] Friday April 25, At day break today we took the bikes out for a 50-mile ride. On the way back we watched a guy get struck by a car on his Kuota carbon. The guy’s shoulder and his anodized Fulcrum wheelset bore the brunt of the impact. We helped him collect his stuff and check his wheel. He was OK and biked away from the accident. Close call that one.


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