Day 3 – Chasing Sheep

Ride stats today

  • 63 miles
  • 3500 feet climbed, to the top of a 2000 foot peak
  • Inverness to Ballater
  • 998 sheep

Proven: The land speed of a Scottish sheep is 14.1 mph. They can run this speed for one tenth of a mile. We raced sheep today. Check it out.

Another beautiful day in Scotland. Today was the nicest day of the journey thus far. While the hills were more daunting, the winds were down which made it much more enjoyable. We’ve been using the Suunto T6 watch to keep the data on each ride. We’ve included a portion of the output graph from the “Suunto Training Manager” software. You can see the hills we battled. Our legs are feeling the pains of the day, but our spirits are much higher after a day without head winds. We had nearly 5000 feet of total climbing over a 62 mile ride. A special thanks to the friendly old farmer who gave us directions. We’d still be out there climbing if it were not for him. Here are some pictures from our ride on the Whisky Trail today.


Best Western Banchory HotelA shout-out to the Best Western Hotel Banchory, especially the hotel manager Robert Melvin. This historic hotel in in the center of the small town of Banchory. Many of the houses that surround the hotel have humongous rose gardens that are terraced and gorgeous. Golfing and farming are definitely the most popular activities around here. Wheat fields surround Banchory, and there are 25 golf courses within 45 minutes. That’s a lot of golf courses.

5 thoughts on “Day 3 – Chasing Sheep

  1. Hey Neal!

    Looks that you’re doing fine! However the weather could be better, I know what wind does to your legs when riding 😉 it’s so nice that I can follow your trip here from Sweden!!

    Take care

  2. Hey Neal and Adam,
    I was unaware of the ability of a sheep to move so quickly, that’s a bit frightening! I hope the rest of your ride is just as pleasant, gently rolling (with the exception of the couple miles today), and gorgeous as you’ve expierenced thus far.
    All the bests from Philly!!

  3. Hey you guys, I’ve heard of running with the wolves, but never biking with the sheep! Were you chasing them or were they running from you? The countryside continues to be beautiful, I’m sure you are enjoying that part. Glad to hear you had a good day. Hope tomorrow is the same. Fair winds and following seas, Adam. Love, Mom

  4. Neal,
    Looks like the ‘team’ is doing great ! Keep up the spirit and get it going !
    -ashutosh and all of us @cisco