Day 5 – to Emerald City

Ride stats today

  • Perth to Edinburg
  • 60 miles
  • 3000 feet climbed
  • 1 huge bridge
  • 1500 sheep

Our blog today will come in the form of 3 videos.  We’re too tired to blog.  Short version…Ride today was scheduled to be 40 miles.  Arrived at Edinburgh bridge (5 miles to hotel) at 2 PM.  Arrived at hotel just after 4 PM.  We saw a lot of Edinburgh.  It’s a beautiful city.  I would have rather seen it on foot.

Tomorrow is a rest day in the capital city of Edinburgh.  We’re looking forward to it.

Bellwether Clothing LineA shout-out to Bellwether Clothing Line, especially the awesome and honest Barry Smith, Marketing Director. The weather here is extremely temperamental. Just today we went from cold (50’s) to rain to warm (70’s). The gear has been fantastic. The chamois technology is layered and padded perfectly (FYI: chamois = butt pad) and the jerseys have awesome finishing touches like rubber gussets on the sleeves and waist to keep it from slipping. It’s gorgeous stuff, and it’s all we wear.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – to Emerald City

  1. Your adventure thus far is amazing. We can’t wait to see you in England. Let us know if there is anything special we need to bring. Enjoy your day of rest.
    Ava and Tricia