Well, here we sit on what seems like the top of the world. It’s 11:30 PM and we’re watching the sunset on one of the most beautiful, untouched parts of the world I’ve ever seen (Inset picture is from our hotel). We’ve planned and planned and planned again, and tomorrow morning we set out with the North Atlantic at our backs and the entire British Isle in front of us. We can’t wait.

The last 3 days has been nuts. The smartest thing we did was to plan in a prep day here in the north of Scotland. The trip from the states was not without its challenges. Several times I thought that all of the planning was going to go out the window at the hand of US Air. Never the less, 36 hours later, we arrived! This is an endurance event isn’t it? Why shouldn’t the trip over have a little endurance aspect to it as well??

Wish us luck. We’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

Bettyhill Hotel ScotlandA shout-out to Betty Hill Hotel, especially Gordon Carr and his family who operate this family run hotel. Our first 2 nights in Scotland have been spent at this wonderful B&B, known as much for their restaurant as their lodging. They’ve been great and very supportive. We took up most of their front entry way putting our bikes together, and spent the rest of the day making final route preps, communicating with sponsors and loved ones. The lodge was filled with people here to fish and enjoy countryside. The locally sourced food is delicious and the common areas have breathtaking views of this northern sea-side paradise.

4 thoughts on “Go-time

  1. Good Luck you two! I’m so excited for you. The BettyHill looks wonderful and the landscape is spectacular! Just don’t hit a pothole and crash while you are looking at the beautiful scenery around you (it’s a mom thing!). Can’t wait to read about your first day. Love, Mom.

  2. This is it! Enjoy every moment! We’re so proud of you and looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. We love you, Daddy. Have a good bike ride. We miss your super big hugs and kisses. We’re getting our arms ready!