Day 11 – Windy Cambridge

Ride stats today

  • Nottingham to Cambridge
  • 70 miles
  • 100 sheep. 25 cows. 1 pony on a leash (see video)

Today started out a bit rocky but ended on a high note.  We’ve been in the UK for nearly two weeks now, and the longest rain we’ve biked through has been 30 minutes…until today.  I guess we’ve been pretty lucky so far.  Today was a different story.  The skies opened up, and we were wet.  We’ve been wearing an Aqua-No Jacket, and today we even threw on the Aqua-No booties.  They did a good job, but were no match for the deluge that hit us.

Then at lunchtime, and without warning, the rain broke, and the skies were blue and beautiful.  The rest of the ride was quite enjoyable despite a stiff head wind.  Cambridge is a fantastic city.  It’s probably my favorite so far.  Neal’s mother Laura arrived into town and was there to greet us with a smile when we rode up to the hotel.

We are staying at the Crowne Plaza in Cambridge.  The hotel is absolutely beautiful and service has been first class all the way.  We were met by the duty manager Carlo, who had heard about our venture.  He wanted some pics of us with our bikes out in front of the hotel for some PR opportunities and local press releases — we’ll upload those when we get them.

Below are videos from the ride and photos of Cambridge.

Gu Energy Gel
A shout-out to Gu Energy Gel, especially our good friend and fellow athlete Holly Bennett, Marketing Manager. To keep us going during our 4-8 hours rides we consume 1 gel per 30 minutes and Gu H2o hydration in our bottles. The stuff works great and they are constantly innovating new flavors like Blueberry Pomegranate. It’s delic, who knew?!

4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Windy Cambridge

  1. I am glad the “No -aqua” worked out for you both, and that some relatives were able to be apart of the adventure!! That is so great to share the expierence with everyone. We are all behind you! Enjoy the next couple days on land!!!

  2. Adam, Sorry to hear you had a soggy day(!) We are all packed and ready to go. Can’t wait to see you and hear many more details of your trip so far. Enjoy your day of rest. See you at the airport Monday morning! Love, Mom

  3. Ha ha, that lady is walking her pony and dog at the same time, that’s pretty hilarious…i like your commentary neal.

  4. Adam & Neal
    We have been keeping up with your website and enjoy watching your adventures. Why have you not writen anything since Day 11? We are anxious to hear whether Adam’s family made all their connections and arrived safely.
    GOOD LUCK with the channel swim and the rest of your biking!
    Say “hello” to all your fan club there with you.
    Best wishes from The Hobbs in Ohio