Day 16 – 3rd training swim in Dover

Swim stats today

  • 1.5 hours
  • Serious chop, especially on the east side of the harbor
  • 200 gulls, zero fishies

Hello from Dover! Another nice swim today. Might head out for a night swim close to sun-down. Due to the relatively high latitude of Dover (and England itself) the sun rises earlier and sets later than much of the USA. Sun rises here at 5AM and sets at 915PM. Nice long days for swim workouts.

On the home front, the last days have involved a lot of time cooking around the house and some hanging out by the beach and swimming. Here are some pics and a vid of both.

Warning: Seriously boredom inducing video to follow. If you watch 2 seconds of it you’ll get a taste for the conditions.

One thought on “Day 16 – 3rd training swim in Dover

  1. Hey guys- Nice work so far! Thanks for the videos, photos and great reports. It has been fun to follow. I figured it was time to chime in and stop lurking- so, have fun on your swim!

    I am glad Neal got over having to hold his nose underwater.