Day 18 – 5th training swim in Dover

Met at Dover Harbor today for the regular weekend CS&PF Swim. There were heaps of swimmers (at least 50) there at 9AM. Adam and I swam for 1 hour in the harbor just to loosen up. We were joined by our families, and after the swim the kids decided to stick their feet in the water. Lots of fun. Adam and I wanted to give another SHOUT-OUT to our support crew again: Michelle, Bob, Amy, Laura, Flora, Tricia, Andrew, Joshua, and Princess Ava. They are always ready with fluffy towels, GU nutrition, hot water, and loving praise. They rock.

Before, during and after the swim we met lots of fellow channel swimmers. We finally put a name to a face with Mark Robson.  We also met some new folks from New Jersey and California — folks I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of during our upcoming North America swims. Some of the folks we met have blogs:

  • Mark Robson (congrats on your 6 hr swim today mate!)
  • Karah Nazor (always nice to see a fellow San Franciscan, good luck tomorrow!)

We are close to GO-TIME here in Dover. Tomorrow there is a chance we’ll swim. Our pilot (Dave Whyte) will call us tonight at 7PM to let us know. So, keep us in your thoughts tonight, hopefully we’ll swim the channel tomorrow.

Here are some pictures that we grafted from other folk’s blogs. Enjoy. Hope you’re all well.

2 thoughts on “Day 18 – 5th training swim in Dover

  1. Hey guys, Karah sent me this link. She is right, you have to come over to the other side of the beach for fun at the South End! Best of luck on your swim, which may be as soon as tomorrow. I was in Dover last year, you can read about my attempt on my blog

    have fun!

  2. Hope you are completing your swim as we write this note today. We enjoy keeping up with your writing each day and will be anxious to learn that the swim portion is completed — sounds cold and grueling to us in humid Ohio.
    One comment: how did you omit Amy’s name in the kudos to your support group?
    Hello to all and GOOD LUCK as you near the completion of your adventures.
    With all good wishes ……… The Hobbs