Day 19 – 6th training swim in Dover

Swim stats today

  • 2 hours
  • 10 dudes in drysuits diving for shipwrecks in the harbor

Well, we did yet another training swim. Got the call from our pilot (Dave Whyte) last night that we weren’t going to be relaying the channel, so we decided to acclimatize swim again. Since we couldn’t go we did 2 hours today. Adam in one shot and me split between morning/evening (just for kicks).

In other news, Adam’s son Joshua almost walked for the first time today, which would have been amazing. How cool would it be if he took his first steps on the same day that we swam the channel!

Hopefully day after tomorrow is our day. Tomorrow I will post my exploration video of Dover’s anti-French fortifications — cool stuff.

One thought on “Day 19 – 6th training swim in Dover

  1. Oooh awesome Neal, can’t wait to see the video of the fortifications (yes I’m a huge dork). Though I guess I should also be excited to hear about your swim :) Best of luck to both you and Adam!