Day 20 – Shoutout & 7th training swim in Dover

Adam and I are seriously ready to swim — and the weather has us land-locked. We talked to our awesome pilot boat captain today and Wednesday (7/16) seems like our day. One of the big challenges of swimming the English Channel is having the patience to wait for the perfect weather day.

In this blog post we wanted to give a SHOUT-OUT to all the folks out there who are reading us:

  • Katie/Holly/Greg/Matt/Marie & all our sponsors who make our adventures possible
  • AlexF/Mark/AmyF/Amber/DavidH/Karah & all our athlete friends
  • Jim/Betty/Karen/Jessie/Isaac/Tom/Chris and the rest of my wonderful family
  • Mark/Tina, Chad/Kylie, Tim/Megan & so many of Adam’s/Amy’s close friends and family
  • Lindy/Ben/Jac/Dan/Anthony/Carla/Jonathan & all our bullish Wharton Friends
  • Paul/Chad/Steve/Bruce/Barney/Richard and the highly valued Powerset gang (now MSFT)
  • Joe/Mike/Maggie/Wendy/Tracy & everyone else in Edina, Minnesota
  • Camile, Isaac/Nicole and so many other of my friends from Chaska, Minnesota
  • Brandon/LateralLine
  • And of course Zoe (with the two dots) who is busily greening our world so 10 Degrees Latitude can continue for centuries more.

Thanks for your support and warm vibes. Stay tuned.

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