Day 21 – 8th training swim in Dover

Got word again from our pilot that tomorrow is our Channel Swim Day. We will start at 6AM from English sand and swim till we hit sand (i.e. France).  It will take us 14 hours or so. Wish us luck.

The below picture is a view near our sandy starting point in Dover. The videos are taken from the hilltop shoreline of Dover, looking out across the channel toward Calais, France.

6 thoughts on “Day 21 – 8th training swim in Dover

  1. Go Guys, GO!

    Are you really swimming today? May God quiet the waves and bring you a current towards France! I’m pulling for you. Can wait for more news. Hi to the family, especially Amy.

  2. Hi Adam and Neal too,
    We just want to wish you much luck and say we’re glad you’re doing this and not us. Our computer has been down for the past week but we’re very happy it’s up now and we can continue to follow your adventure. I’ll be anxious to log on tomorrow and hear all about the swim. Be careful, but enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. Love you, Jean

  3. As Mom used to tell us at swim meets when we were just little minnows…. “swim like there’s a shark chasing you!!” Good luck Adam and Neal!! Be safe and have fun! I can’t wait to hear all about it once you’re in France. (hu-hu-hu) : )
    Much Love, Beth

  4. Neal and Adam- Good luck to you, just keep swiming, just keep swimming. The girls are sooooo excited and can’t wait to hear about your success! They keep asking us lots of questions so be prepared for a long conversation with them when you get back!

    Love, Lara

  5. Don’t see a post today, so I’m guessing today is swim day. Cheering for you!

    Yeah!!!! You Go Now!!

    Hi to Neal and Love to all the family!