Day 22 – We swam the English Channel

14 hours 23 minutes

We made it! Everyone helped! It was awesome!

It was a gorgeous day for a swim from England to France. The middle map pretty well tells the story of our relay swim across the English Channel. We started the morning off strong on Shakespeare Beach and finished the day cold and weary just as the sun was dipping below the ocean horizon. Aches, pains, cold, and sea sickness took their toll, but they all disappeared as I walked up on the shores of France. Stay tuned for a longer trip log with more color. For now we are working through all these wonderfully supportive emails from loved ones and sponsors. Thanks for your warm vibes, we felt them in the cold channel!

Suunto CoreA shout-out to Suunto, especially our friend Martin Schamboeck, Sports Marketing Manager. Adam swam with a T6 and Neal swam with a Core. Whether we’re defending presidents (as Adam has) or climbing Everest (as Neal has), Suunto is on our wrists. They also have this really cool software that we used during our bike rides to chart heart rate, speed and distance.

18 thoughts on “Day 22 – We swam the English Channel

  1. CONGRATS! We were so pleased to hear the big swim went well. Hope both of you can get some much needed rest before the rest of your biking begins. Please give our best wishes to all of your group.
    The Hobbs in Ohio

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! What an incredible accomplishment!! I can’t wait to hear ALL about it!!! Have Mom give you both a giant hug from me & Adam. We’re so proud of you!! Also, thank you for putting together this blog. The stories, photos, videos are wonderful and make us feel like we’re right there, cheering you on from the sidelines!!!

    Love and smiles,
    Beth : )

  3. HOORAY! We knew it was never an “if” but a “when” you would complete your goal. Kelsey and Delaney are soooooo excited. What an inspiration you both are! Thanks for allowing us to share!

  4. Fantastic! That is definitely the hard way to get to France. Didn’t anyone tell you they have a train?


  5. Congratulations!!!

    Hope you have some fun in Dover before getting back in the saddle.

    Neal – Thanks for the wonderful blog!

    Love to all,

  6. WELL DONE!!! from the old geezer gal with the bucket list! What an inspiration you are to me. I am still training for my half mar and will continue with the boost you two have given me. August 23 is the day. I have been praying for your strength to increase and for you to stay the course. I will keep on. Good Job!!!

  7. Congratulations!! Love the “success” photo, it says it all!

    Good luck with the last leg and enjoy the big party after-ye have definitely earned it! :)


  8. Way to go guys! That is awesome! so, were they standing at the shore waiting to check your passports? That must have been quite the day, I can’t wait to read more about it.

  9. Hi Adam, glad you & Neal’s swim was so successful. Keep going, be strong, you are almost at your goal. My Prayers are with you aboth Much Love Pat

  10. Congrats Adam!!! What an amazing accomplishment. Only two more legs to go and you’re finished! Megan and I have been following your blog and praying for you guys this whole time. Great job.

  11. Congrats on the Channel swim! I’m pretty impressed, though not at all surprised, that two non-swimmers could do the Channel without a whole lot of difficulty. It is definitely a feat that any open water swimmer wants to check off the list, and now you’ve done it! If only my triathlon training was going that well… Good luck on the rest of the bike!


  12. Wooo hooo! Congrats on the swim completion!!! What a truly amazing feat!! I can’t wait to hear more, until then enjoy the last leg on the bike. :)

  13. Hardcore! Congratulations to you both! Neal, once again you, prove yourself to be a man without physical limits!

    I expect other insane exploratory feats to follow, like discovering a live dinosaur at one of the poles of inaccessibility.

  14. Congratulations! What an accomplishment; have fun on your final ride. Start thinking of your next adventure.
    Mary & Gary