Day 24 – Back on the bikes

We put our bike shoes on today for a short and fast (20 miles) warm-up ride from Dover to Canterbury. Tomorrow and the next day we have back-to-back 100-mile rides through France. We are going to France to begin the final leg of 10 Degrees Latitude. The remaining portion is a bike from Calais to Paris. Once we finish this we will have traversed 10 Degrees of Latitude under human power.

[UPDATE] We took the ferry to France. It took around 2 hours. During the whole trip I just gazed out the window. I could not believe how wide and rough the channel looked. It still doesn’t seem real to either of us that we swam that huge distance just two days ago.

Best Western Hotel Du ParcA shout-out to Best Western Hotel Du Parc and Celine Delaplace who did so much to make us feel at home. This hotel has gorgeous grounds, a sunny outdoor pool, and a top-notch restaurant. We recommend the ostrich, it’s delic.

2 thoughts on “Day 24 – Back on the bikes

  1. You guys look like studs on the bikes. Lance has nothing on you guy’s, oh yea, 7 Tour Wins, But he can’t swim.

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