Day 7 – Century Ride

Ride stats today

  • Edinburgh to¬† Newcastle
  • 110 miles
  • 6875 feet climbed
  • Winds: 15 mph sustained, gusting to 35 mph
  • 6500 sheep; 1200 cows

Tough Roads; Tough Weather. Today turned into quite a late day. We looked at the altitude profile last night, and it looked like a tame day compared with the rest of our days in Scotland. Although our tallest peaks were much lower than in the Highlands, the constant undulation, led to a ‘climb total’ significantly greater than that of any previous day. This together with the high winds, made for slow speeds and a very long day in the saddle. (nearly 1.5 times as long as my last century ride)

WillierA shout-out to Willier, especially Gianmarco Cilli, General Manager of WIllier North America. Willier is among the best frame makers in the world. Team Lampre (best in Italy) is currently riding Willier up mountains in the Tour de France. The tight carbon weave in their frames is simultaneously forgiving enough on the rough Scottish roads, yet stiff enough to climb the Scottish highlands. Even after a long 110 mile ride, as we had today, the Willier frame keeps us wanting more.

Best Western Roker Terrace HotelAnother shout-out to the Best Western Roker Hotel in New Castle, especially reservation managers Kavita and Jill. This hotel is beach side on the North Sea with a great billiard room and restaurant. Some of us dipped our feet in the North Sea before pedaling on down the coast.

One thought on “Day 7 – Century Ride

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your adventure so far. Thanks for taking the time to blog and update your site with photos and videos at the end of each grueling day. How do you keep count of so many sheep and cows? Did your Suunto wristop computer come with a sheep estimator/tracker?

    – Chase from Atlanta