Day 8 – Welcome to England

Ride stats today

  • Newcastle to Leeds
  • 90 miles
  • 5100 feet climbed
  • 4000 sheep; 200 cows; 7 horses

The winds were strong early on, but eased after a few hours.  We fought a similar terrain profile as yesterday for the first 30 miles, but the middle 30 miles of our route was on a highway with more consistent grading and low winds.  We spent a lot of the time riding in the emergency lane, which, despite the heavy traffic, turned out to be ok.  We didn’t get to enjoy our surroundings, but we spent nearly the whole time above 20 miles an hour.  So that was a mental victory we needed after the last day and a half.

These have been heavy endurance days for us.  Our support team has been great.  They insisted on meeting up with us more often today.  I think it was as much to gauge our mental state as physical.  There’s no way we could succeed without them.

Thanks for all of the emails of support from sponsors, friends, and family.

LAS HaxialA shout-out to LAS Helmets, especially Alex Perez, Sales Manager. Three factors went into our selection of LAS for our helmets. They are light, aero and aerated. Ohh, and cool looking, gotta have that! The aluminum upper ventilator shovels air into the helmet and adds an extra layer of protection for our noggins.

Best Western Merrion LeedsAnother shout-out to the Best Western Merrion Hotel, especially the manager Mark Wakeley who made us feel so at home. This hotel is smack-dab in the center of the city and the breakfast bar is delicious.

8 thoughts on “Day 8 – Welcome to England

  1. You sound tired (Ok that may be an understatement)! It’s like survivor except no one gets voted off. Anyway, away team two is busy preparing here at home in the states. Ava is getting very excited to meet up with her cousins and to see her Uncle Adam. I have been preparing her for our adventure (like every good teacher should): We watched Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster in order to expose her to the “very real” dangers you have faced on your long journey. Get some rest and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you tomorrow.
    Lots of love
    Tricia and Ava

  2. I love the “wildlife” tally, but could you be more specific? For instance, instead of just 1000 cows you could write: 450 “Kemps” cows, 300 brown cows (not nearly as appealing smelling as the ice cream treat), etc. Also, are you playing the “Zip” game (Adam, if you don’t know what this is, Neal can explain it to you)?

    All joking aside, Adam & I are thinking about you both and sending our good thoughts, Karma, vibes, etc. to you both across the Atlantic!! We love the blogs, pics and videos, so keep them coming! Take care of yourselves and try to take a moment each day to smile and enjoy the experience even though you’re working your tails off!!

    Much love,
    Beth : )

  3. Ok, I believe that you have gadgets to tell you the total feet climbed, etc, but a cow counter? This I gotta see! Thankfully 7/3 is only 73 miles then you have a much needed rest day! I’ve got a suitcase full of gear packed for your swim (the bigger one). The smaller one is for my stuff. Looking forward to seeing you in 2 days! Love, Laura

  4. sorry didnt get to meet up, by time I got the route it was a little late, I called and sent a sms but got no reply. have a good ride today, will let you know how the water is in dover, when you swim how long will you be doing each turn? personally I would not recommend less than 2 hours otherwise you will have barley recovered and it will time to get back in, hang in there and make sure you are eating til you have a mbs (maximum belly stretch), you are sure to be losing weight on the ride…

  5. Hi Adam and Neal. Missed your blog yesterday – knew you were doing 100+ miles so I figured you were beat. Never realized the climb was so high. Hope England is flatter. Can’t wait to see you in a few days and hear more details. What you are doing is simply amazing and the memory will stay with you forever. We are praying for your continued success and safety. Love, Mom

  6. Wow! Look at you both! Keep it up – I am so impressed and though you may not be able to hear me, I am cheering you on from across the pond! Good luck and may the Gu flowest like a fountain;)


  7. Aweosme job so far guys!! Just keep on pushing through the nasty winds and climbs, it’s all so worth the memories/accomplishment. I hope you are able to take full advantage of the rest day by relaxing and exploring!! I cant wait to see more pictures
    ~Alex F

  8. Wish I was there…Glenlivet was my favorite of the “sites” you’ve seen. Did they give you any fortification for along the way? Oh, Laura…you and I could do the Channel…the first over -50 ladies to do it in bikinis!!! Believe me no one would want to watch that one! Have fun and enjoy the fresh air…Happy 4th of July!!! Don’t forget your American flag lapel pin….