This many! 10DL is 1 year old

The concept that we call “10 Degrees of Latitude” is one year old today. Hard to believe that one year ago Adam and I brainstormed this idea. The untold story about 10DL is that it was actually Adam’s wife (Amy Hazlett) who came up with the actual name. Adam came up with the idea to do the channel, I wrapped the bike ride around it, and Amy coined the 10 Degrees Latitude idea. My hat is off to Amy, and it’s also off for everyone that has helped us along the way. There are almost too many names to mention…

A rambunctious and awesome shout-out to a few special people:

Another monstrous shout-out to the crew of 10DL Europe. Without whom we would have done nothing:

  • Flora/Laura
  • Amy/Joshua/Andrew
  • Bob/Michelle
  • Tricia/Eva

Looking forward to another great year of 10DL! (our brand is so popular now that it now has an acronym!)

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