Living a Thankful Life

I am early with my Thanksgiving post this year, but I saw a 60 Minutes episode that reminded me of how thankful I am to be able to walk. Very few people outside of my family know what I am about to write.

In 1998 I caused a nearly fatal motorcycle accident. I broke the largest bone in my body in two places and bled half to death. My hemoglobin count was 7; contrast this to a normal hemoglobin count of 14. The orthopedist who saved my life did not expect me to walk again. He and I are glad that I exceeded his diagnostic expectations.

After two months of being confined to a wheelchair I began to walk with a cane. After four months with a cane I began to walk on my own. Two years later I took my first running stride. And I’ve been skipping since, thankful to be breathing the air and to have my leg. Since 1998 my legs have stood me shakily upright as my sister married, climbed me aloft to the top of the tallest mountain in the world, and propelled me 10 degrees across Europe with Adam.

Each morning I thank the Fates as I rise out of bed to stand on my two legs. We should be thankful. If you need motivation to understand just how much more challenging life can be, watch this video. Watching these patients toil and overcome reminded me of my hardship to the tenth power.

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