A Sad bit of News in the World of Adventurers

The Adventure community bids fairwell to one of it’s youngest, yet most accomplished ambassadors.  Rob Gauntlett was killed in an avalanche on Mont Blanc in the French Alps this weekend.  Rob was a member of an adventure duo who have accomplished more in their 21 years than most adventurers are able to accomplish in a lifetime.  While we were never fortunate enough to have met Rob, we run in many of the same circles, and today we are all feeling a giant ripple effect as we try to get our arms around this sudden news.

Rob and his partner, James Hooper were recently honored by National Geographic for their 14-month expedition that took them from the North Pole to the South Pole.

I will not attempt to eulogize Rob here.  Instead I will point you to several inspiring websites that paint a picture of his life, his death, and a few of his adventures.

Rob’s Website

Rob and James’ Site

National Geo Adventurers of the Year

1/12/09 News Article


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