Oh heck yah! Nike Wants 10DL to Stress Test Their Newest Hiking Boot

Nike presented us with a fun opportunity and asked us (in a casual sort of “see what you think of them” kind of way) to test out some of their new ACG outdoor gear. We’re stoked! The shoe comes in bright orange too!

Technically speaking the shoe is an innovation. The new fabric, named Flywire, has high-tensile Vectran threads (stronger than Kevlar) which cut down on weight and add stability. The technique also adds an original graphic look to the shoe.

We are going to test for vapor breathability, insulative ability, and wear. We’re going to climb stuff, get sweaty feet and hope these kicks look and feel great after thousands of feet of vertical gain and 50 pound packs.  We’ll be putting the kicks  through the paces on a few of Colorado’s 14ers in the near future. We’ll report back, stay tuned.




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