Training: Rowing the San Francisco Bay

More adventurous training. Last week I completed two important rows (for myself). I rowed 4-miles to Alcatraz from Ghirardelli Square and 8-miles to the Golden Gate Bridge from Ghirardelli Square. Both rows are done frequently by other members of the Dolphin Club, but they are new to me and therein lies the adventure.

Oh, how quickly I leave the protection of the city. Just a few miles off shore and I am totally cutoff. I see the sky scrapers and houses, but could not scream to them if I capsize. No one can help me out here, I am self-reliant. This feeling of self-reliance is really healthy, I think, to put life into perspective. So much of life has safety nets, it’s nice to feel the pressure of pure objective danger. And it’s nice when I dock the boat and that danger vanishes. If only life were as simple as rowing.

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