Training: Biking the highest auto road in the US

A training flashback…  As preparations begin for 10DL North America in 2011, I began pulling out some of the toughest training days of the past few years.  Mt. Evans is certainly a highlight.  We cycled to the summit of Mount Evans at 14,264 feet. Mount Evans has the “highest auto road in the US”. We did it in winter becuase it’s harder that way, and because it’s the last weekend before it opens up for automotive traffic. We had the entire road to ourselves. Having the road alone was awesome. Biking through foot-deep snow at the summit was challenging. Especially on road tires with frozen cycling pedals. Coming down at 50mph was amazing! We highly recommend it.


  • 14,264 evelevation at the summit. 4,000 feet vertical gain
  • 8 mph on the way up. 50 mph on the way down.
  • 40F at the base. 0F at the summit
  • Team: Adam, Adam, Neal

Here are a couple web links from others on the ride that we did:

Pictures and Videos from our ride:

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